Emphasising on improving technology,our company contribute scientific activity for twin screw extruder technology  R&D1

One of the most important activities of these is attending PEPT flow project consortium to improve twin screw
extruder technology

PEPT flow project is about material features, process productivity and less energy usage for optimizing the machine
construction as a shown of polymer melting processs.

Twin screw extrusion is important and common technology usage of mixing the polymer, compounding and reactive
process for plastic industry. Modular design of twin screw extruder give elasticity of installing and working process.
As a result of this engineering and reaction process can be arranged specialized as material system needs.

TUBITAK PROJECTS in the scope of the R&D activities

"Designing and manufacturing co-rotating modular twin screw extruder prototype line" project no: 7100808 and "Designing and manufacturing modular single screw extruder extrusion line" project no: 7080712 are seleceted "R&D Supported Project Program" For more details visit. www.eteydeb.tubitak.gov.tr 

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