Pumping systems within gear pumps is necessary for linear flow of the low viscosity polymer material at high pressure. For example, pump made assembly after filter for linear thickness production when extrusion.

All this optimizes the performance of the extruder and offers the following benefits:

• Improved Dimensional Stability— Effectively isolates the die from upstream fluctuations.

• Controlled Melt Quality—Regulates the extruder back pressure while it re-duces residence time, stabilizes the plasticizing action, and lowers melt temperature.

• Increased Production—Provides very high efficiency regardless of its pressure building requirement.

• Reduced Raw Material Usage—Provides a narrower finished product gauge variation.

• Eliminates Surging and Screw Beat— Effectively handles problems caused by melt density or extruder parameters.

• Increased Extruder Flexibility—Allows varying process conditions such as higher regrind levels, temperatures, pressures, etc.

• Crowned Root Gear Design—Reduces shear internal to the pump, lowering the temperature and increasing the production rate per power required.

• Streamlined Operation and Startup— Closed-loop controls provide easy

operator interface.

• Extended Extruder Life—Reduces work required by the extruder such as pressure and torque.

• Lower Operational Costs—Provides a more efficient method of conveying, eliminating material giveaway, and increasing production per pound of extrudate, etc.


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