Powder Coatings: Cost-effective compounding with the twin-screw compounder POEX.

Constantly increasing cost pressures and the demand for maximum flexibility in the manufacturing of powder coatings require production lines with the highest level of productivity. The development of new products for new fields of application – for example the automotive industry – is progressing well with Polimer Teknik extruders. To meet these high market demands, Polimer Teknik has developed the twin-screw compounder POEX with the largest free volume and at the same time the highest specific torque.

  • Epoxy Powder Coating
  • Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating
  • Polyester Powder Coating
  • Decorative Polyester Powder Coating

Methods like extrusion and dry-blend are used in powder coating production.Metal pigments are mixed with other materials in twin screw extruder for extrusion. Dry-Blend on the other hand, is not a good method for recycling situation, also it creates aglomerasion when pulverization on revolver.Pigments hold on to base particules equally.This method obtains better results for optical and makes product more resistive.

Besides standard aluminum, silicon covered (stable) aluminum and goldbronze pigments are used in powder coating.Especially stable goldbronze pigments are used because of mechanical and frictional resistance, excellent optical specialities and outside air permenant.

Success of POEX technology is based on these:  

Greater volume enhances quality productivity

The new POEX from Polimer Teknik produces powder coatings of convincing homogeneity at clearly reduced production costs. Polimer Teknik customers now get a clear competitive advantage.

- 50% higher throughput at the same extruder size, or alternatively, smaller extruder size for the same throughput and thus a shorter cleaning time

- Improved feeding of fines due to greater flight depth and higher speeds

- Greater flexibility in speed, residence time, and throughput

- Lower material temperatures, thus less product stress and improved product quality, depending on the product and the process   

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