Dust-free feeding of pigments and additive masterbatches. True to recipe. Masterbatch manufacturing using twin-screw compounders.


In the plastics industry, concentrates of pigments and additives in a polymer matrix are characterized by the term Masterbatch (MB). This is usually in the form of pellets. Depending on the pigment type, a distinction is drawn between white masterbatch, black master-batch, colored masterbatch and additive masterbatch. They are used for dust-free, precise feeding of pigments and additives into polymers and compounds.


The preparation of masterbatch is a highly demanding compounding task, since in most instances high proportions of pigments and additives need to be worked into a base polymer.


Particularly suited to this task are the twin-screw, co-rotating compounders such as the POEX extruders.

3 Processes for masterbatch production 

Premix process
  1. Polymer Pellets
  2. Pellet Mill
  3. Wax
  4. Pigment
  5. Polymer Powder
  6. Mixer e.g. heater-cooler mixer
  7. Volumetric feeder
  8. Twin-screw extruder POEX
  9. Vacuum pump
Split-feed process
  1. Polymer pellets
  2. Polimer silo
  3. Wax
  4. Pigment(s)
  5. Mixer
  6. Gravimetric feeder
  7. Twin-screw extruder POEX
  8. Degassing
  9. Vacuum pump
Color-matching process for Masterbatches
  1. Storage for masterbatches
  2. Metered feed with gravimetric feeder
  3. Twin-screw extruder POEX
  4. Degassing (vacuum pump)
  5. Die head

POEX extruder for Masterbatch.


The machines in the MEGAvolume series are distinguished by deep screw channels, offer-ing major advantages in the manufacture of masterbatch:

  • Improved intake of high-volume recipes
  • Safe degassing
  • Safe handling of the recipe components, especially shear-sensitive pearlyluster pigments, etc.

As pigments in some instances have very low bulk density, the output limit on master-batch machines is often determined by the intake of raw materials into the extruder. Here the POEX extruder can achieve very high throughput, due to the large free vol-ume and speeds of up to 1,800 rpm.

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